3.24.0b Hotfix 2

After GGG secretly told the main streamers all the exploits and secrets like they did openly to Zizaran, now that they are dirt rich, they nerf so plebs like us wont benefit from it.

Today I ran like 20-30 T16 maps, not a single divines, no rare scarabs, no loot at all and the market is worse than in standard thx to the exploiting streamers who got the info and have the time to exploit it.

Before GGG banned streamers for abusing exploits, now they encourage them
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So as always - people abused this, became rich, and now rest of players can't try this too. Very cool. (No). Thats why Last epoch is cooler cause devs won't balance mid league.
why hotfix something? why care?
it's a temp league after all in a game that's supposed to be for fun?
If they continue delivering slop then this is dead and poe2 too.
I know there are people who just buy supporter pack after supporter pack but after this league I wouldn't even want to upgrade to get the goblin pet.
I can't be the only one.

whats the problem here?
Devs sucks for not testing?
Devs suck for changing it?
Streamers RMT'ing?

all together?

It's a game grow up and let people have fun with the things you (devs) messed up, the economy will regulate itself - it always does. Something is under-farmed? - prices will adjust and people go there and farm that for better margins.

Why make the experience worse for everyone? Nothing would have changed, people would have farmed something made profits, done. Now there is not even stuff dropping anymore, league is just unrewarding and not fun.

too much QOL " improvements " that took QOL away.
too much babysitting and forcing people in to the dev's ways.
too much slop.
Can you say exactly what "Rarer" means? Is it 20-30-90% more rare? As neither of my friend nor I have seen it now. Furthermore I saw it once before the nerf. My friends that are on PC havent seen it at all.
I cant do red maps so efficiently as i get one shot due to haunted mods. Prob i need to play DD as 70% of the players.
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Don't you guys test for exploits before league start? This shouldn't of happened in the first place.

So now people like me and my group don't get to cash in, while all the streamers and nolifers sit on hundreds if not thousands of divines.

Would like a response from GGG on this...
You fear that which you cannot control. But can you control your fear?
would also like an official response from GGG on this matter. it was the main reason i quit this league. mark said in the interview "they give a ****".
so prove it that you do to the community.
I also quit coz of this, maybe its a over reaction but i hate when game makes me feel bad for having a job and not being able to nolife it and dont miss GGG happy hours.
Why didn’t they just make it so you can’t change the necro mods until you get a map completion? It would have fixed all of the problems. This does nothing but hurt the game even further.

I hope they have a response for this soon, a lot of people are going to quit.
So basically who profited after this keep the divines and the economy is ruined.
Interesting league so farm, oh and we need to mention the fact that corpse crafting is also bad.
does this "devotion" actually exist on Playstation? iv dont nothing but farm for the last month or so straight, i have 3 character, on this character im using atm lvl97 i have 614,000+ kills (just on this character alone) and im yet to see a Allflame devotion for the Divine, iv ALSO has a 7 or 8 (numerous times) ghosted Meatsack on a 247 (ish) Quantity 200+ rarity T17 map and popped with a 242% rarity and 47% increased Quantity MF and my drops looked like they were straight out of a White rolled Yellow map i do not believe that the rolls, or "chances" to drop are even in the same ball park as PC players we are playing a different game all together BUT we are paying the same price for our MTX it would be nice if someone could look into this to make sure a "accidental" numeric number hasnt had a decimal point put in the wrong place but as it stands im on the verge of walking away form this game iv not seen any "end game" loot although im running T17 maps, iv got 5,417 scarabs in my inventory atm not including the ones iv used, or sold YET i have NEVER dropped a carab of Divination of Curation i have only ever dropped 2 Scarabs of Completion and i have dropped 2 maybe 3 Reliquary Scarabs of Vision i have the reliquary scarb has 100% chance MORE LIKEY to be .....on the Maven tree, AND yet it seems as if there dropping less with that picked on the Maven tree, asif they have the numbers backward or soemthing once you pick it check my account see what drops iv had i got a "Key" and it gave me a shiney Aegis Aurora iv literally farming 10 hours a day and getting no where someone needs to look into this please cos i aint spending another penny on this game until it is and rectified ALSO time played on this character atm is currently sitting at 7days, 13 hours, 57 min 17 secs
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