3.24.0b Hotfix 2

So all the streamers and early people got away scot free with 50+ div per map ???? everyone else get nerfed lmao that sucks. Very classic move team.
i mean i completed 400 maps,and burned like 300 to 400 also,never saw any good mods except nameless seer
No reason to play this league anymore. GG
atleast keep it in game so league dies 2 days later omegalul kekw
Vynze wrote:
Now the people that got lucky sit on hundreds of raw divines, the economy is destroyed and people who didn't get lucky will now get nothing - the classic GGG experience

Yeah the 3 to 4 month league is ruined because of 12 hours of game play that only a handful of people got to use xdd typical over reaction
damn, my normal gained currency is worthless now. worst leage since talisman.
Can't we get Affliction back?
how we gonna play this season i dont have div at all but my friend have 2000 divine :/
damage is already done at this point tbh so im not sure the main logic is for those playing in the pool... that is quite disappointing as this week progresses.
Better late than never, but the damage has already been done.

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