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Please make Expedition explosive radius placement VISIBLE, this faint, foggy and transparent green is very hard to spot on Expedition Stashes and Remnants, especially in bright maps.
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Ojntoast wrote:
When you opted into the league - you opted into the mechanic. Past performance does not dictate the future. In this case - they opted to make it mandatory to engage with. Whether or not they do it again, will be based on feedback, retention, and income.

You only get to vote with your time and your money. If you aren't happy with decisions a developer makes - use your vote.

I love the lantern - I enjoy it being required, I like the added difficulty of the league - its fun.

They made a lot of choices this league on the mechanic. You don't see the irony in your comment to post here of all places? Choices are not final. You have been playing for a decade. You know that. Come on, man. This is a post on changes they are making to the mechanic. Some players are asking to make more changes.

It is fun to you, that is great! By GGG making it optional does that make it less fun if you opt in?

I don't want this to come off as elitism. I really don't. But you play the easiest version of Path of Exile. There are many on here that already opted in to play a harder versions and are just looking for the same option to engage with the league mechanic that has been presented to them over the last four years.
So basically the try hards want the try hard version of easy mode?

I aldo find it funny that everyone is just ok and used to alc and go but missed the part where if you don't like the options the mechanic gave you you can go in back out again and when you click the lantern again you will have different options. How is that different from scouring and re alcing a map to get something you feel comfortable running?
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Bone barrier fix please GGG!
So far, this has been the most tedious league start I can remember; it's now day 4 and I have already lost pretty much all interest in this league. Being forced to engage with this unrewarding, unfun und overly convoluted mechanic has sapped any enthusiasm out of the game.

It has been requested by a substantial number of players, so maybe seriously consider it: make the league mechanic optional.
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I love the league pack mods mechanic! It's super fun and the proposed changes to the grave crafting will make it 10/10. It's not clear what changing the tier incrementor corpses will do or what they currently really do so clarification would be nice.
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Viralrush wrote:
Fix Bone Barrier. It doesn't work with instant leech mastery and is absolute dog shit.

Second this
Gentso wrote:
I just got to maps and find myself dying very often. Is this nerf going to help or am I just bad

Nah yah bad 😆 jokes aside it's rippy as fuck it needs to be toned down.
Great changes, perhaps there's still hope for this league. You should look into doing something about buffing scarab drops and maybe even using multiple scarabs of the same type within just 1 slot in the map device, that would make it way more fun(for me, atleast).

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