Necropolis Launch - Live Updates 🔴

BasicallyMeat wrote:
This league is kinda lame mechanically. I was hoping for a lot more.

Me too. Totally disapointed.

I'll be offline for about 14 days and see if GGG makes some new changes. Let's hope for the best.
maxtraxv3 wrote:
this isnt fun, i dont know what i expected, but not being able to opt out of something i cant use, just make the game harder without reward doesnt feel good.


Having the league mechanic be FORCED on you is the worst idea ever.

Completely skipping this league in its' entirety.

Fixed an issue where Map Modifier Effect Atlas Passives did not state they only affected explicit modifiers on Maps.

So the VT temple farm strat was nerfed with purpose.
GGG: you forgot this one, "Items with an Essence modifier drop unidentified".
Its buffed t17 XDDDDDDDDDD
Please let us opt out of the league.
Getting this turn around in is pretty fucking cool guys
This is the first league I'm quitting until they opt this league mechanic out. I want the league mechanic, I would just not like it 100% of the time in campaign. Just let us turn it off for campaign!
Fix servers please !!! ://///////

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