Necropolis Launch - Live Updates 🔴

There seems to be an issue with attacking in place causing movement as well.

I thought I was going crazy when I kept noticing this as well. So yeah, there is an issue with it after all.
Just please make us able to opt out of the league mechanic. That's the only fix I'm interested in at this point.
please fix twilight temple boss in the sun side !
Why force this gameplay? It's not friendly at all
Are you also gonna fix vixen gloves so impending doom Will be great ;-)?
Just make it so we can opt out of the mechanic until we want to, if you create a good mechanic people will want to use it, if not dont force us to use it just because you feel you spent your time creating it and want to force people to see what you created.
kevinny wrote:
Why force this gameplay? It's not friendly at all

You answered your question. This is GGG.
GGGGGGGG PLEASE make those graves icon smaller on map (drops when mob die), like Legion chests with symbol or something... that`s so annoying in boss fights with trash when it pop out and have to click to remove it...
yei another hexblast+sanctum league, good job ggg

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