Necropolis Private GSF

i would like to join too!
Interested, US East, very active especially with a fun group
RIP _Patata lvl 91 HC Nemesis
Do you have room for two more players? Me and my friend are looking for a relaxed GSF experience. We are quite active on league start and both have a long history in PoE. Happy to hear from you! :)

Player profiles: ZontableZz, Aldrato
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Me and my other friend are interested too! We usually like to play GSF and would be active.

IGNs: bubbleteatime and Connor_RTG
Also wants to join. Sent a request.

Will ask my friend to participate. If he wants to join, i ll help with slot for him and 9 more ppl

Edit 28.03
My friend will also join, as mentioned earlier can provide 10 slots for him and others.
His profile: yuricaesar
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Would love to join aswell if you are still taking players.

Very active and looking for a small GSF so this would be perfect, applied aswell
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Hey I'm also looking for a GSF. Would also be happy to add some points
want to join
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I'll be glad to join. +1

i would like to join

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