Necropolis Private GSF

Looking for a few more people to casually burn the league down. Starting out at 40 days and 10 players (2 players so far). No mods, just not trade league. Play with what you got, or what we all find. Discord available and guild invites available for stash use. No cost to you. Can extend the league if its interesting enough after the first 40 days.
Last bumped on Apr 13, 2024, 10:29:19 PM
Would love an invite
worm425 wrote:
Would love an invite

I'll send you an invite once private leagues open up
im interested as well
I'm interested as well, where is everyone from and how active are we planning on being?
Me and 2 irl friends are interested in joining.
EU, if that makes a difference.
I'm interested as well. NA East, and I will be very active.
Me and my friend want to join. Will you be willing to take us?
Would love an invite.

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