3.23.1b Patch Notes (restartless)

This patch literally halved my framerate.

The FPS is low even in starting menu (CPU is at 20 ms)
Fixed a bug where the Elemancer's Totem Hideout Decoration could not be interacted with.
Fixed a bug where the weather effect selected at the Elemancer's Totem Hideout Decoration would not persist between hideout instances.

Thank you very much! Everything works great.
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Any eta on the interaction between ball lightning of static and traps?
Two hand weapon
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Game frezze
Don't feel to bad, I keep crashing to desktop, since the server can't keep up with how many spells I'm casting. Think they are actually using potatoes to power it....lol

Edit: It seems to mostly happen in Delve when the little wire laying bulldozer stops and you begin the event.
As always thank you, for reading my thoughts, and for your time. Be well Exiles.
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i find it weird that you guys felt the need to mention how many boxes you added this update since you keep adding boxes every single update which is insanely noticeable when you drop 5+ per map doing juiced mf like week 1 i opened 10 mb valdos but pre this update the ratio turned out to be around 1 in 20 so idk
Ditt j*vla flöte Danne!!
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The broken AI of Vaal Domination (of inspiring) when used with trauma support still isn't even on the list of known issues. The skill is completely unusable as Ascended Sentinels won't attack at all if dominating blow of Inspiring is linked with trauma support.
puzzle box drop are removed ? I dont get any more any box
Jungle valley invisible wisps fix when please.

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