3.23.1b Patch Notes (restartless)

I resigned myself to never seeing the elemancer weather effect persisting but boy am I glad to be wrong. It's part of the reason I bought that tier of supporter pack in the first place. Ty for fixing it <3
can i drop mirror now plz?
SquareCubiC wrote:
Enigma Hideout lighting fix when?
Scourge Hideout decoration in Enigma Hideout fix when?
seriously... this is no fun, there are surprisingly many, too many bugs with Enigma hideout

Not only that, the single portal map device doesn't spin when you open a map. It only spins once you've entered the map so you never get to see or hear it move... The video preview shows it should spin once a map opens. Kind of scammed.
Eat your vegetables.
When are you guys going to fix the "buggy" order delivery time? Do I have to wait 6 months to receive my order?
Thanks for the Elemancer's Totem quick fix!
Hope the other mentioned stuff will be fixed too eventually. The more complicated the thing, the longer it takes to fix I guess...
Thats 657.720€ worth of Supporter Packs.... people realy want to play the Beta
Do you planned one day to resolve all of this?

- Blight mob stuck in decor when portal spawn in statue or something

- Legion bosses who sometimes do not want to disappear leaving the loot

- Heist NPC stuck or dancing when they doing action or plant the bomb,

- Abyss don't close sometime and spawn mob without discontinue cause by decor again...

These mechanics are not new and you still do nothing....

Can we see a fix for these mechanics which date back years and have still not been resolved? :/
Thank you for all the work you do! It must be hard getting the constant barrage of negativity after every patch note, just know that loads of people really love your game :)
What does the Mahuxotl's one mean? Is this a buff or a nerf? (Was it calculating significantly more or less?)
Why not tell us what 1566 were added? Is this some wacky ploy to just keep people playing longer?

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