Increased Burning Damage

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Does any1 know if that increases unrigthoues fire burn if you make burned miscreation spectres
Idk about when you raise a spectre but me and a friend (I was a the testee) tested the burning damage with RF and it really increased his damage, to him and his enemy. Adding that with the unique staff drastically increases his burning capabilities with the price of now not sustaining his burn.
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I take it increased burning damage is additive with other burning damage and then multiplies to burning damage.

So calculation example:

50% increased fire damage

Crit for 100 fire

Total = 150 fire damage

Burn for 150*4/3 = 200

200 * 1.59 (lvl gem IBD gem) = 318 total burn damage

Are these calculations correct?
haralla wrote:

Are these calculations correct?

yes, this seems correct to me
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Using this with DT Searing Bond.

Can't tell much if any difference.

Searing Bond still sucks =(
Just to make sure that i understand this gem correctly;
if i ignite with for example 200 fire damage, the ignite is 4/3 so 266, and then increased burning damage increases the 266 by 1,6? or does it "only" increase each of the 4 ticks of fire dmg (266/4 /sec) by 1,6? I guess it pretty much ends up with the same result but im just curious :)
might be easier to keep burning damage as 1/3 and times 1.6 for lv 21 of this support, then times by time 4seconds. same result still but somewhat cleaner =p.
Burn damage works indeed with Burned Miscreations.
The damage is just... *faints*
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I was confused about this one and going to the wiki confused me even more.

The Wiki :
Ignite is an elemental Status Ailment associated with Fire that burns the affected target, causing Fire Damage over time.

Ignite is typically inflicted by Critical Strikes of Fire Damage. There are other ways for Ignite to be applied as well. Targets cursed with Flammability have a chance to be Ignited when hit with any Fire Damage. Skills such as Burning Arrow have a built-in chance to Ignite targets.

The base duration of Ignite is 4 seconds. The burning damage over time is a third of the initial hit of Fire Damage, per second.

if we except a few exception, all the burning dmge come from critical strike.
There is a support gem : increase critical dmge.

At lvl20 :
increase burning should be around +60% dmge. mana cost : 120%
increase critical dmge give more than 100% dmge. mana cost : 130%

When i'm increasing critical dmge, i'm increasing my burning dmge.
+100% crit dmge mean more fire dmge (at the impact) and more burning dmge than +60% burning dmge.

The stuff doesn't have 10 sockets and the specialist support gem "increase burning dmge" looks worse than the generic support gem "increase crit dmge".

It's a gem that improve lightly the dmge for incinerate and fire trap.
It can be used by the people who are already using "increase crit dmge" and that doesn't know what to do in a new free slot (there are none).
It can be used by the people that doesn't have any intel in their build (let's find them).

Am i right or is this support gem really awesome somewhere ?
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