Increased Burning Damage

Spell Damage does not apply to Damage over Time. Fire and Elemental Damage modifiers were added to the pool of Damage modifiers, plus some carry-overs for Ignite (if Ignite with a Projectile -> add Projectile Damage, stuff like that).
this gem is not very useful. even in fire, burning or proliferation builds i never use it.

there's just never enough gem sockets for it and fire penetration is always better and used instead.

rating 1/5

Does this gem increase the damage done by you (additive with other applicable Increased modifiers) or the damage taken by the mob (multiplicative to your damage)?
As the description states, it grants Increased Damage, not Increased Damage Taken.
Should it work with Searing Ray?
I got +1 all fire skill amulet and it doesnt affect my awakened burning damage support when i hover in it(only +1 socketed gems from bow affect gem). Is it a bug?

Upd. My bad, it is only active skills. I got it.
Last edited by Yobou on Jun 14, 2022, 3:06:34 AM

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