Increased Burning Damage

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jsn006 wrote:
(Unbelievable I pm'd mark about this and cleave, in simple yes or no format, and I got no answer, but he answers questions on the forums all day .... sigh)
I gave a reasonably prompt reply (it would have been faster if you hadn't PM'd me at 7pm after I'd left work). The reason you haven't seen it is because you PM'd me from your other account, which is currently on probation from the forums, not this one, on which you're probation dodging.

Which I have informed support about, and they'll do with what they will.

Fore reference, here's the response:

(1) About increased burn dmg being overall multiplicative or additive"
Mark_GGG wrote:
1) Increased burning damage is an increase, which always means it's additive with other increases to the same value. You clearly understand this given that you stacked the various sources of burning damage additively to get the total, not multiplicatively.

An increase to the damage of the initial hit and an increase to the damage caused by the ignited status triggered by that hit are not applying to the same thing, and it's not possible for those to be additive - your second example literally cannot possibly happen, because you've completely skipped over the fact that resistances are applied to the damage between those two steps. Your damage for a hit and the damage taken by the enemy are fundamentally not the same value, and increases to one are not analogous to increases to the other.

(2) About cleave and the extra penalty for dual wield
Mark_GGG wrote:

2) It means exactly what it says. It's a reduction (additive) to physical damage dealt with weapons while dual wielding. Damage effectiveness is an entirely separate multiplicative penalty that applies only to added damage. I don't understand what you're confused about here.
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