3.23.0c Hotfix 2

something in this hotfix broke something else. My hideout is fine, but in a delirium map, even with all mobs dead, I am having rubber band issues. Restarted my PC and it still persists.
Well, my game don't start anymore since this patch :O
When I lunch the game I have a black screen for like 1 min and then back to windows...

E: Well, I restarted my pc and problem seem's to be fixed.
That's cool, i'm so addict to poe :p
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Still getting crashes, happens not with nenet. It happens when i attack mobs that spawn from doorways. I have crashed 10+ times in the last 2 days from this and only because i was able to figure out why and mostly avoid doing this.
TY nothing worse then setting up a grand heist that would crash 1/3 the way through because Nenet was there.
since i have turned off all mtx, i have no more crashes under dx 12,
Please fix the shader issue.
Yay <3
Wow. A mere 4 weeks into this league, I can finally run all the blueprints I've been farming.
After the hotfix I can't log in with the existing character, and when I'm trying to create a new one this happens
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DarkenX wrote:
Great! Love seeing work and fixes being done.

Now, please fix the PERFORMANCE issues many of us are having. I truly miss playing this game, and would love to get back into it, but can't until you guys do something about the horrendous issues at hand.

Which Problems do you have?

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