3.23.0 Hotfix 1

explosive arrow crash every time
Went to trade with Nessa, Game freeze, Disconnection.
this has to be the worst launch ever i feel
real shame
Ballista Totem crashes the instance when linked with Explosive Arrow
Still crashing, mostly in town, but also entering random zones as well. Tried all 3 renderers. No error screen on crash. All MTX disabled. Usually new zone crashes are right when entering or within a few seconds. Vulkan/dx12 seem less stable, they tend to crash almost always in town. dx11 I can mostly get out of town, usually.
Still have DeviceLost error, need more hotfixes
I just crashed in town again. I had previously downloaded the patch
Still having crashing issues, seems inconsistent, in town, in League mechanic and maps. Changed all the settings I could and nothing seems to work with the fix.
i started crashing also on the town of act 2 now, no message error, crashed on the loading screen to enter tower by using a portal scroll
After 4 hotfixes no more crushes every minute, but every 20 minutes

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