3.23.0 Hotfix 1

Fixes implemented: 0.
fixed TY stacey.
Last edited by NeoG on Dec 8, 2023, 6:04:22 PM
Did we push this to the steam client? Seems like it did not fix anything for my crashes still.
Volokordin wrote:
kicks me when i try to enter chamber of sins 2 level
kicked 5 times already

kicked 20 time almost no joke....
I thought it can't be worse than using players as beta testers for first 2 weeks of many leagues, it's alpha test phase now. Congratulations.
Still crashing. Random just instant crashes with no error message or anything, client simply dies. Other times there is always some "ErrorDeviceLost" or similar error messages.

Please, we had tons of these crashes during previous league and remained unfixed for whole league. Allocate some proper manpower and fix this so the game can be played.
thanks for working late! I don't know what time it is in NZ but it's 10pm here <3
Could you fix the crash when EA explosive arrow explodes. 100% replicable without fail.
keep crashing fix it please ggg
ea chrash when exploding

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