Content Update 3.23.0 -- Path of Exile: Affliction

Came back around to put a nail in Vortex's coffin.
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ocd_xana wrote:
groink19 wrote:
I actually think that the changes to Vortex are healthy in terms of cast time. Maybe it is seen as an actual skill now and not as an automatic leftover. I do wonder about the damage nerf though.
I also think that the transfigured version might be with an instant cast time.

It sucks that it and Ice Nova can't be cast on Frostbolt anymore, but Vortex now just works like it used to.

Just on the off-chance that you were planning on using it: No, it doesn't. They also removed the Frostbolt mechanic from Vortex.
wow way to kill something multiple times before the patch even goes live
Hemzokuken wrote:
Love it when people with no supporter packs complain ahahahah

there are quite a few of us who have bought a lot of packs over the years, and simply dont display them for one reason or another. in my case, i simply think it looks stupid, like one of those 90s rappers with all their 'bling'.

that said, i havent bought a pack in two leagues because i wasnt enthused about the mechanics of the second to last, and the last was unplayable due to performance issues.

will probably buy one this league if, and only if, i can actually play without my eyes bleeding. which seems unlikely due to all the lack of mentioning fixing performance issues.
What's the point in playing a spell based character when tinctures don't apply.
Warlock of the mist suits minion playstlye or you have to reserve life to use the other ascendancy so there is nothing realy there.

It should be for attacks and spells that hit or something.

tinctures only applying on weapon attacks and not spells is a big downer
Nice, Cyclone isnt that dead now.
P.s. I would prefer not an increase in the base radius, but a more significant increase in the radius per strike range. Because casters have had enough of using it with such convenience. The Channelling tag should have been removed a long time ago as a failed experiment.
There are several over tooned skills and ggg decides to hit vortex with two nerfs? Lol.

Overall love the patch notes and new league. Excited but vortex? Vortex is dead to ggg.
FrenchThugz wrote:
I'm excited but so sad at the same time. I have ben WAITING for ever for them to make lightning golem good again since it was my favorite build. I feel like ball lightning of static is exactly what they should have given lightning golems an fix the cooldown rates.

I know no one will see this from GGG but I can't express how badly I want lightning golems fixed so thy are at least a contestant for end game build.

Wait, what ?!

Dude just play Tornado Shot and Lightning Arrow. It's obviously what GGG wants us to play.
Im really very disappointed in the vortex changes, just why? Im new to the game and I didnt even get to enjoy a full season before the first build I made and love gets nerfed (and it feels very arbitrarily nerfed from the look of it). I can only hope theres some alternate gem that makes it function like before but I just wish you had left the default mode alone instead and made delayed cast an alternate version or something. I also dont understand why the new gem mechanic is going to be put behind labs, I think labs are the weakest content ive seen so far in the game and I hated doing them. Anyways, I really enjoy the game but this feels deflating. Is this how the game typically does balance patches?
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