Content Update 3.23.0 -- Path of Exile: Affliction

Existing alternate Quality Gems now have the base Quality effect found on the respective Gem.

As a standard enjoyer, this was absolutely uncalled for.
Awakened Combustion Support when?
No updates to Ice Crash gem quality?
I like how they buffed hedron bow and also removed it from dropping.
my brain is shook, i have no idea what the meta is going to look like come xmas
Power Siphon Obliterated for some reason RIP
So they just killed skeleton mages?
At least Lightning Arrow wasn't really nerfed to a large degree, small nerf is all
Last edited by Mentoya on Nov 30, 2023, 7:06:17 PM
Sanctrume currency nerf where?
Hidden nurf : Enchants removed + no aura rework + nurf reservation on 2 great amulets

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