What will happen when the Trial of the Ancestors ends?

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How come tattoos are not going core?
Why! This is not fair!
Well there goes my build plan for next league :(
TOTA has been my favorite league of all time. Fingers crossed that it gets the Sanctum treatment and makes a grand return.
This is sad. you bore me GGG
not pog
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Tattoos not going core really stinks. It's such a great option to have, opening up flexibility in builds making it WAY easier for casual players to enjoy the game.
not my favorite league in my opinion, but the top currency price that u can predict the future mod is a great thing, love it! hope was more fun to play and more direct in feelings!
I hope that you will add it to the core in a near future. Amazing league anyway!!! ♥♥♥
auspexa wrote:
uhh so we won't have tattoos in 3.23? wtf?

goodbye stun immunity

goodbye flask sustain on non-pf builds

goodbye sacrifice builds

goodbye triattribute stackers

goodbye shatter builds

goodbye onslaught

goodbye fortify

goodbye mana stacking

goodbye melding for right side builds

goodbye more stuff that were enabled by the tattoos

league mechanic was 2/10

tattoos and omens were 10/10 (except projectile tattoos and the flask effect tattoo)

but this decision is 0/10. tattoos and omens could be added to the core pool via legion war hoards, delirium layers, delve nodes, blight chests and so many more things without needing to add ancestor mechanic to the core game

shame, but what can I say, common ggg L

and the fact that locks and tattoos are going to the standard is even a bigger L. better announce a good, in-map league mechanic because I really want to be around

go ahead and remove my comment for being "needlessly negative", what about your needlessly awful decisions?

i agree tota should go core, but all of those builds and things existed before...

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