December Expansion Name Reveal is Tomorrow!

fostaa wrote:

Who the hell likes Sentinel? It's literally the worst league of all. It was a bait league to postpone what was expected to be done for the game. It literally had 0 new content throughout the league duration (especially this) and also 0 new content added to the core game. [Removed by Support]

Yeah, Sentinel definitely was the worst league with no content. Adding keystones to Atlas and Uber bosses is definitely no content, for sure. /s

Only problem with Sentinel was Archnemesis going core in a bad way. Without Archnemesis fuck up it would first league for a long time without negative overview.

Just because Sentinel was simple league mechanic doesn't make it bad. There were worse leagues such as Kalandra or Crucible.

I can understand absence of skills, but come on, there were a few new skills for a year and you blame Sentinel. Go away.
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Its already tomorrow today!!! Lesssgooooo
I would say Krangle was one of the worst ones, IMO. I didn't bother completing that event. It brought back not so fond memories.

I did love Crucible though, wish it would come back. Kalandra was okay, but the effort didn't match the rewards.
wait, expansion or league announcement?

pls add recombinator to core

it makes ID'ing rares fun :)

thank you
please bring back Tablet and sentinel pet league


Thx for the blast from the past. Was fun!

Since tomorrow is already today then what time does the name reveal happening?
Maybe it is tomorrow cause they wrote it on 16 of november in new zeeland time
Poggers! Please no big nerfs GGG. It's December soon, share some more love like you did this league :)
What time will the reveal be ?

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