December Expansion Name Reveal is Tomorrow!


Sentinel + Sanctum + Ancestors make this game much more interesting !!

I suggest to put these random good mechanics in each new league in the future.
Sentinel without recombinator - is good mechanic. May be stay it:D
Всё и сразу - мечта идиота
<sees 4 leagues that are mentioned to purposely hype the audience around them to give them hints of what's coming in next league>
<gets kinda excited>
<reads the intro words>:

" ...and revisit some of our favourite name reveals with you."

<sees Sentinel in there>
<dies of cringe>
<closes the browser>
<alt+f4 on PoE>
. . .
<starts browsing for other games to play in the next 4-5 months.


Who the hell likes Sentinel? It's literally the worst league of all. It was a bait league to postpone what was expected to be done for the game. It literally had 0 new content throughout the league duration (especially this) and also 0 new content added to the core game. [Removed by Support]

I really hope the next league is full of skill/uniques balance, as well as content and lore extension [Removed by Support].
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I heard the next league has sailships and pirates?
Wer nichts weiß, muss alles glauben.
Last reveal 5 months ago ☠☠☠
Is it already tomorrow?
Thank you so much!!
I got an idea for a good league.
It all starts with synthesis.
Bring back synthesis 2.0. There needs to be a lot of problem solving to make it good, but the base idea was fun.
From what I remember, the problem was that the crafting was too hard to understand, the system was too punishing and the rewards too low.
Fix those things and you could add it later in legacy 2.0
In the legacy 2.0, give each zone randomly 1 out of 5 voided leagues.
You will have upgreaded synthesis, scourge, kalandra, sentinel, crucible.
Instead of chance to encounter the league, you could also do it the same way you did in first legacy. Drop voidstones. The voidstones should however have way more uses. Like 10 to 20.
Whennnnnnn, Now is tomorrow

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