Path of Exile Digital Comics

What? comics...

Hmm, we might need some sample pages for this. and how many pages are in there..?

good work guys , keep it up
AyronExile wrote:
How long are the comics?

Each comic is about 24-28 pages each, including cover.
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Hmmm looks like the digital collection of all the comics is available on Kindle/comixology for 12.99, while buying each of the comics here would be 16 dollars. Am I missing something? I'd rather buy through PoE site so all the money goes to them instead of amazon/kindle taking a cut, but hard to justify paying 25% more to get a more inconvenient version of it (since I'll have to figure out how to get it onto my tablet rather then kindle auto-downloading it for me) and needing to remember where I keep it on my pc and retransfer it every time I get a new tablet and want to read it again.
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Jaxmon wrote:
Still got the printed edition.
Will be worth millions. MILLIONS! I tell ya!
Ya! Love it! You hang in there! It'll happen! Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast
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