At ExileCon 2023, Senior Graphics Programmer Alexander Sannikov gave a presentation on the techniques used in the Rendering of Path of Exile 2. Whether you have an interest in Graphics Programming or you’re just curious about how we create unique rendering techniques for Path of Exile, then this is the presentation for you! Check it out in the video below.

We hope you have enjoyed all of the ExileCon 2023 presentations. If you’ve missed any or just want to watch them again you can check out the whole playlist here!
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Grinding Gear Games
This man loves his job!
Awesome video. Passion. Great explanations.
This guy is amazing. Respect.
Reinventing wheels tho
I never would have imagined my boy would grow up to be such a dedicated innovationalist.
in chris we trust <3
For the most part, this report repeats the one from 2019, but it’s still interesting.

The new water system is breathtaking.
my hideouts -
amazing guy. hoping to see this enthusiasm from the game designers

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