3.22.2 Patch Notes

So I was browsing for solutions on the long load times with Vulkan and came across a reply in a reddit thread where clearing the PoE Vulkan cache folder solved their issue. I tried this myself and it has appeared to worked for me as well, or at least significantly reduced the load times into zones. Worth a try if it has not been mentioned already in this thread.
DX11 was dead for me, it does not work stably, and now Vulcan has been killed, disappearing textures, invisible mobs, unstable FPS, invisible effects from which you can easily die on HС, loading times have become 3 times longer.
Only everything became more or less stable and playable, after the previous performance patch and after transition to poe2 engine, everything was broken again :(

GGG you urgently need to put all your efforts into optimizing and correcting errors related to lags, this is more important than any content, when there are constant problems with drawing, endless spikes, torn unstable FPS, it is impossible to enjoy the game and the new league content, no matter how cool it is. Optimization and lags should be a top1 priority.
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I do not know what you did but this is the worst patch in the history of POE for me. Never before have I crashed even a hundredth as many times as I have since this update.

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