Build of the Week Season 12 - Episode 6 - Cptn_Garbage's Tornado Warp Deadeye

Hoping that POE2 will not have such nonsense. :|
I hope GGG will start looking at builds that are actually practically achievable by the audience, rather than nominating a multi-mirror build. I don't know who told you it's a good idea to do this.
This one... is just a Lightning warp with a few extra steps that cost mirrors.
There are tons of other a lot cheaper interesting builds.
Sorry if it sounds grumpy but it's for a reason.
It's like watching a Ferrari pass you by - it doesn't matter.
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Joke build of the week, this is not replicable at all at with multi-mirror expensive builds you can make anything look good this is like a billionaire walking into almost any store, they can simply buy the store but most people will not get there, what good is a build of the week when all it does is tell players they aren't good enough since the people that will try to replicate it just end up quitting since the price is too insanely expensive this is not a build of the week, this is a joke there are no clever mechanics at play, this is just overspending for a build that doesn't work without the investment.
Hello guys.
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