Build of the Week Season 12 - Episode 6 - Cptn_Garbage's Tornado Warp Deadeye

Cool build and all, but to me, this is frustrating to see as cool ideas have repeatedly been nerfed into oblivion or made so hard to acquire that the average joe can never do it. So many build videos start with ''you can also do a budget version which works just fine'' and then it doesnt.

Over the years you've nerfed about everything and every stat and drop chance and what not. Then you added alt qual gems and suddenly there were options again; especially with the drop chance of ashes of the stars (in the league it came out) on top. Guess what you nerfed next?

You cater so hard to the top 0.000000001% that it's not even slightly realistic anymore to ever get to the fun experience that PoE used to be. I could do charged dash, CwC, DD in red maps just fine in the past. Then you buffed monster hp into infinity so budget whack builds are not viable anymore. All because people scream the game is too easy? Or you want it to resemble PoE2 before it comes out?

Wish you'd give us back the build diversity the average player used to have so we can make builds like this showcase as well and it isn't just some rich mans bragfest.
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offtop: when will be info about november events?
Ok, that's insane Exile!
awesome build.

but please show one that are somewhat affordeble by more than just the super elite class of players like alot of the builds are. Maybe have two builds one player can afford and one for streamers that play poe as a full time job.

edit: sorry english is my second language.
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I never thought I would see such a marvel.
I did something two leagues ago that worked on the same basic principle, using winter orb and lightning warp.

I thought it was fast and pretty cool ... but compared to this, I was just an old granny pushing her walker around Wraeclast
So GGG can understand this is the kind of builds and speed people like so don't forget that for POE2 make sure this is possible or make it better and faster for POE2.
Well said,

That is exactly why they lose so many people, they have a tiny hardcore and they cater to that. The economy is too easily manipulated and just go look at end of the season how many items do not sell because they are way overpriced.

I think they should fix the economy, stop the bots inflating item costs would help. One way would be to gradually increase the drop rate each week for the rarer items so that eventually everybody gets a chance to try them out.
Lmao, im waiting for you to say in intro "it costs few mirrors to craft or get but its ok, budget version which is few hundreds of divines works as well".

again something casual wont ever afford okok, meele build of the week when?

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