Seasonal Halloween Microtransactions and Free Mystery Box When You Spend Points

DeNeNaPa_ wrote:
And again no Witch Hat.
Halloween without it, is like a half Halloween

You bring every year the same MTX but why not the Hat?

Is there a reason why you dont bring it back?

Both of the witch hats and Decapitation were exclusives back in the day. They probably want to keep them exclusive. Would be cool if there was a new witch hat for those that missed the other two though.
Yow , is the Free Mystery Box , one time on the first purchase only ?
Some paint ground channel skill. Eww. Want my 5 point from weta back
Ancestor Mystery Box amazing staff! tnx
We're also running a sale on our most popular microtransactions

Weta is not one of most popular microtransactions, really?
Ok these are sick.
Yeah these are super cool! You guys always do a rad job with the microT.
Bought my weta on Oct 19, 2023, 7:41:35 PM but no free mystery box yet

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