Build of the Week Season 12 - Episode 2 - Guitaraholic’s Hidden Blade Ascendant

Cowrex wrote:
Love the Vampire Survivors reference <3 Love that game~

+ !

Thanks for the video! <3
Dragoon_Diver wrote:
Killigan wrote:
Is it nostalgia or did BOTW use to be way more talked about in the past? Like 2013 2014 past?

they should probably go for "build of the month" because we are not getting a build highlighted every week for sure
also, GGG has some kind of "kink" with hidden blade, almost no one plays with that mechanic but somehow it landed botw at least twice (not bashing the author or the build btw)

so, if anyone wants to have their build in the front page, just fiddle with hidden blade when some new support gems or mechanics appear, it seems statistically higher than any other skill and variants

" ...almost no one plays with that mechanic..."

Dude, thats the reason. : )
It's a great build, I love it. Congratulations.
Last edited by Syum90 on Sep 19, 2023, 1:54:47 PM
How do you hide phasing effect, like in the video?

EDIT just found out that ascendancy doesn't show it... Why can't this be an option with perma-flasks? Maybe after 10 seconds of phasing, it could just become hidden. I want to see my character!
Last edited by AzureGladiator on Sep 20, 2023, 1:06:04 PM
The ending was beautiful, and what i had hoped for as the patchnotes said that the cooldown of unseen strike had been removed. Sadly the trigger on the weapon still has it, so scaling unseen strike itself is still a less than enjoyable experience.

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