3.22.1b Patch Notes (restartless)

"Fixed 4 instance crashes.
Fixed 3 client crashes."

Except for the ones plaguing me appearently.

Oh well, maybe next patch I'll be able to play without crashing at least once a map.

Seriously, ever since the engine patch, it has just been various degrees of horrible for the most part. Long load times, crashing entering hideout, crashing walking around hideout, crashing entering maps, crashing in maps when gems level, crashing in maps when encountering harbingers, crashing in maps when opening strong boxes. 4 weeks and almost every patch it is something and every patch it persists I am slightly less likely to return.

Time to get it together folks. The game is unplayable for me currently.

"We don't want to take away the feeling of closing your eyes and Exalting an item, scared to see whether you ruined it or not." - Harvest Manifesto 3/10/2021

So unbelievably inane it has to be memorialized.
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Fixed a bug where Harbinger pieces could not be identified.

So that was a bug. I got a piece and was wondering why can't I identify it. Good to know.
Still no nerf to shield turtle.
Still no taunt for players/totems/minions.

So voidsphere is the only viable still it seems.
And the update is 200+ MB so it is a MTX update and no fix.
I believe you forgot the most important: "TURTLE STOPS CHANNELING ON ITS OWN TOTEM"
Goliath of the Night's Stunning Slam Skill.
Can we just get rid of this stupid mob. My 90% dmg reduction is pointless when this shit still one taps me.
I can bet there are less than 5 people working on the league :D
why dont you fix the bug where I get stunned when I block things. It's totally broken. Also how much accuracy do they have? I have 113k evasion and I get hit by the first attack often.
My footage:
320x240 Resolution
All options at the end of the video
Audio disabled in the game config as it probably gives a better framerate(I am not sure)


Great work GGG as always. If someone thinks it is acceptable, is insane.
cool fixes

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