3.22.1b Patch Notes (restartless)

Popefish wrote:
Fixed a bug where dynamic culling for some Warrior Skill effects in Trial of the Ancestors was too aggressive.

what is this "dynamic culling"?

people should be outraged. this was all invisible attacks in tota
harvest UI still bugged
No fix for the Beastmaster armour set lowering performance by 30% due to blood effects. Give us a version of the set with the blood effect removed!
Just a patch to introduce new cosmetics, you can tell. General bugfixes take a few kb. You can easily tell when a patch is going to introduce new cosmtics.. 100mb+. Tomrrow's post will be a "new cosmetics, come get them".
still no HALO fix?
bvanharjr wrote:
c0mrademisha wrote:
Nice, but same question as always, when is the performance fix..? It's been over 7 weeks and it's still uplayable

Performance was fixed with 3.22.0, and again with 3.22.1. It's 100% stable now.

You do realize it's not true because it's different for different configurations?
Oh shit mb, i skipped over that

useless then :^)
Minutes of playing: 30(small sample, i know)
Crashes to desktop: 2
Performance: The same song since the 3.21.2 patch. Doubled power consumption with a 50% lower framerate, less stable gameplay, and influenced modes + delirium are a joke. Highly depends on the content you are doing.
Latency: EU location, spikes without even showing on the graph :D
Movement skill shield charge feels awful, only quicksilver flasks are decent to move around(mageblood would be great)
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Scalacronica wrote:
Still no fix for animate guardians permanently dying in tota?


ALOO ???

Another Swing and a Miss for the balance team

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