3.22.1 Patch Preview

hoho so titanic shell matches still a skip or afk if hes escort or defending got it.
I started the hoho movement.
why TOTA proggress is not shared between characters? There is no reason for me to level a new character, because getting to 800 rank take 2 days of GRIND (12+ hours a day). And before that rewards are bad
Once again I wonder if GGG plays the same game the rest of us do...
Hell Yeah :D
anziché democrazia preferisco anarchia, il governo altrui ruba sempre
Nerf Katuruoas damage, the guy one shots like crazy
valuable input right there
Fixed All ATIX89 crashes.

Finally! Hurry up please!
Bit late for the league mechanic fixes for me, but man I'm really hoping load screens are fixed. Huzzah!
Sounds like a step in the right direction. :)
Not sure whether to laugh or cry?

No mention of fixing the Titanic Shell's ability to protect its own totem.

Unit after unit has had their damage INCREASED? They didn't one-shot us hard enough?

Not read through it all yet, but GGG seem to have odd ideas about fixing balance issues...
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