3.22.1 Patch Preview

This patch is kinda sad. A few QoL improvments, but the mechanic in its self is even worse balanced than before. Feels like even more 1 shots on high ranking. AI of our units is dumb with units just standing around or running between two totems without doing anything.

While enemy units run across the whole field to suddenly defend their totem against you. Also our units still cant kill the enemies, espacially the enemy warchief.

How took it GGG so long to change anything? And why did they the complete opposite of what players hoped for.

Tattoos are cool, but mechanic sucks if you dont have a special immortal build for it
well the client stopped responding 3 times in the heist today was normal before the patch (in the common area)
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Quando irão melhorar a árvore de passivas? Precisa fazer um resumo para o jogo ficar mais divertido.
Nice, QOL is always welcome, more QOL plz.
please........ i dont want to do the league mechanic..... i just want to spend money on boxes and look fly while i play the damn game and do what i want to do.. Give mystery boxes please.
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"Killing the boss prior to Maven casting Up the Stakes will result in Maven leaving without doing so."

Just make them already spawned. Stop adding "waiting" elements to the game.

Waiting is not fun.

Every single waiting element hurts your income and my fun.
The point of a forfeit button is so then when I know I'm going to loose I can give up, it is essentially useless as it is now.

Why do I have to sit there with my respawn timer not moving when I know I'm going to loose, I love you guys but it feels like sometimes you go out of your way to make qol worse.
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The Titanic Shell description is still incorrect. They often protect their own totems when the description specifically states they cannot.

Is this a bug or is the description incorrect?
No change to Titanic Shell nice try though. Also, can't play minion builds AT ALL in tota. League is now over, good job.

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