3.22.1 Patch Preview

Now your units cant even fight the enemy, cool
Good stuff, keep the QoL and balance adjustments coming GGG!
FamousWarrior wrote:
Nerf Katuruoas damage, the guy one shots like crazy

YES PLEASE !! But sadly nothing changes on him for the new patch....
Thx for all GGG, the fucking best game.
Trial of the Bugs
well done
I hope the fixed the bug where i never drop any mirrors... (...)
I thought the major performance issues would be a priority.

Has anyone even tried running a blight map?

I have seen the CPU time per frame go up to 250ms (yes, 4 frames per second!).

And that's on a high-end dual-Eypc server.
when can we expect a seamless controller/keyboard&mouse control like how diablo4 did. I love that you guys started supporting controller, but at complexity of PoE, mouse control is much better in those aspects. So maybe have option for controller on battle only, and inventory/chest/craft is mouse/keyboard
GGG Best Game Developers
Wow, 8 new items. I wonder if they simply weren't functioning properly at launch or if GGG really, really likes tattoos. I hope they go core, albeit with more restrictions to prevent massive power creep.

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