Unique 3D art

Quill Rain has a new 3D model as it appears. I'll try to get a screenshot in here later.
Another quality ZAP! post.
Death Harp, Death Bow


It also has a dark misty like cosmetic effect to it as well. You can't see it in the picture, but zooming in ingame makes it visible.
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Most of the unique boots have their unique skin for quite a while now :Windscream,Wakes,Lionseyes,Sundance


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Quill Rain
Another quality ZAP! post.
no offece man but low res on new 3d art is kinda pointless since you cant see it properly
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where is kaoms heart art :o
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didnt know uniques had special effects lol
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Ummh, I posted a Rathpith globe here, but you didn't add it to the list, if the picture is too low quality, it's okay, we can wait for some1 post a better one. Just wanted to make sure you saw my post. :)
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