3.22.0b Hotfix 3

ExtremeDino91 wrote:
This has to be a cruel Joke that you guys still don't fix or acknowledge the extrem amount of Performance and loading issues a lot of players have. It is literally impossible to play the game for me right now. 8-13 minute loading screens to Town and unplayable Lag all the Time.

Exactly and if you look at the technical issue and other areas it's full of pages of people saying the same thing. Yet there hasn't even been a simple acknowledgement of GGG that this is even a thing. It's infuriating. I literally cannot play this game at all right now, let alone stream it like I usually do. I have 4600 hours of playtime without lag issues until this week, and now it's unplayable.
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Interesting how you make the League Mechanic first rewarding and then instantly make it unplayable by removing the only thing you can do yourself (taunt) to get a small window for breathing. League mechanic changes are going in the wrong direction. Enemies start getting tier 2 units and a titanic shell in round 2 already.
Is this some sort of bug that enemies do not get interupted when you hit them while banishing? I am playing impending doom PF and it need about 8 procs to stop an enemy from banishing? I really want to get an answear to that, cause right now enemies are playing with a different ruleset it seems.
yay continuously make it worse!

The scaling is unethical. Somethings wrong with the way you guys think and execute changes.
After some games as a melee player (rank 420~)

I know that at a certein rank you get one shotted anyway with any build so I want to focus on other aspects of the game

Some Ideas:

*remove titanic turtle from the game. ITS just fucking insane. Or nerf it that it can only give 1 totem the shield.

*Night Goliaths walk to fast. Its ok if they one shot you with just a normal swing, but please reduce their movement speed so you can kite them as a melee player.

*spear dancers rush on you offscreen. ok.

*reduce AOE from some enemie Leaders.

*reduce the amount of high expensive units enemy team gets or give us more resources so we can compete more with it.

*theres also a bug some guys still channeling while stunned or npc sometimes not getting stunned while channeling.

Overall I would also like a option to chose the positons as different types for example you can choseyourself if you want 4 defender or 8 defenders. The Totemposition can stay the same there should be a small icon to chose as which positon your companion stays on that totem. This would give them mode more depth and also balance around some classes.

I also really like the new league mode and hope it comes into core :)

kind regards.
@ggg thx for the fix!
Can we have the option to "tag" a totem and have some control on the allies? If your totem gets destroyed, the only thing you can do is wait for your stupid allies to die. They don't do anything except defending. They don't even try to flank anymore. Also, too many offscreen one shot. Everything is a one shot at some point. It's retarded.
why is GGG trying to make this league so bad?

why adress knockback if its the only strat for casuals to get anything even remotely better than a bunch of jewellers orbs

I hope balance update (which HAS TO come) will be meaningful.. Otherwise i'll dub it the worst league in last few years.
The hotfix we need the most are the following two.

1. Be able to give up.
2. Be able to select difficulties.

Two is particular important. Many builds have difficulties go past a certain rank. (And this certain rank is really really low. )

So we have no choice but to stop playing league mechanics because it is totally unplayable. It makes no sense at all.
Eminently wrote:
it always amazes me how people just automatically assume their personal experience is the same as everyone else's... and how much people whine while being given a free expansion every 3 months.
personally, this is the league mechanic i have enjoyed the most and I've played almost every league
yeah sure there are some problems with it and some pain points but they pump out content and hotfixes incredibly fast. plus, if they make things super smooth then they get boring faster. they definitely know infinitely more about game design than all of us and they also have a massive amount of statistics. I would be willing to bet that most of their revenue comes from casual players that have jobs and are no where near rank 300+ and not getting one shot at all except by goliath.

It takes like an hour or two to get to rank 300 lol
It's not that high. Good job just dismissing all the problems in one fell swoop.
Hey there,
I have deleted your post in this thread: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3285083/page/2#p24656635 as it was considered needlessly negative.
If you have any questions, please contact us at support@grindinggear.com
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