3.22.0b Hotfix 3

SkyF4lleN wrote:
league mechanics looks like there was a shadown nerf, 3 hours doing it to win 30 chaos

Yeah, I noticed that too.
When newbie players have a decent place to farm scraps, they remove.
But this was cowardice, they shadow nerf.
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Storm Conduit ( the elite with the auto aiming laser ) is BS fix her, I can understand stuff will hit hard but I would rather die mid leap or dash because I saw it coming but was too slow to react than just getting one shot off screen and no way of even dodging it. It tracks you perfectly you cant evade it.
FIX: a 1 second wind up time and it shoots in the spot it was winding up at even .3seconds is fine just let me have a chance to dodge the damn thing.

Kahuturoa is not intuitive, The fact that he can slam an entire screen is not good design. Yes he has a pattern but if you can see him his attack will hit running around is not fun its not engaging. You can draw a circle/oval on your screen that is the death zone its absurd.
FIX: Tone down the fcking aoe mate.

This is the only stuff that makes me just log off. Rest of the stuff can be countered in a way but this stuff is like just log off.

EDIT: Oh yea fix OUR teams AI. Flankers on the enemy team have no problem avoiding combat most of the time even units that have ignore taunt on flank still do not flank. Heck I have seen flankers just stand at their totem, what gives. Why is the enemy team tuned to perfection. Does the server not have enough resources for my teams AI ?????
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