3.22.0b Hotfix 3

FartingWolf wrote:
* Increased Respawn-Timer by 500x for Players only, reduced it to 4s for enemies.
* removed Flamewood Totems
* Made the Enemies immune to losing

Enemies have respawn timers?
Knew it. Been buying hinekora units and just selling them to everyone else since day 1.
fix the damn lag, not the hinekore for god sake
3.23 won't be happening, enjoy 100% tax rates on anything & everything you do.
I don't know why I have forum access, even.

PM's through this site, or emails, will not be answered.
► Please increase the favours we get per round (including lost ones).

I'm tired to see opponents suddenly get giga turtles and storm conduit lines of defense against my 250favour guys.

For exemple :
- Totems that grant more favours when deployed on your field ?
- Trade units 1=1 instead of 50% of their price
- Super Favour gains when eliminating an opponent or targetting a specific opponent ?

► Please also review the scaling of damage / life.
Some matches are EZ, and you get suddenly one shot off screen while your teammates are nowhere to be seen.
It feels pointless to kill enemies as they instantly respawn, they ignore you while they capture your totems.
Goliath of night's earthquake is still complete nonsense.

Play a round on a leap slamming character and experience the majestic feeling of leap slamming into an earthquake they have queued up to attack one of your npcs.

It's not fun bruv.
Soul conduit are busted, you can't really see where they will shoot since there's too many stuff going on and they most of the time one shot you offscreen.
guys what are you even on about, the goliath of night doesn't even one shot me, it needs 2 hits!! I only have 50k armour and 5k hp, 90 all res, my flasks up and molten shell on. I should really play from further away with my melee build. totally balanced tribe.

edit: i ranked like 300 and now I get one shot all the time and my stun time on a goliath hitting me during banish is double the time, cool, how about you also make them invisible when moving, oh and 100%cdr would be cool, also instant revive to make it fair
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Fixing some bug doesn't help at all cuz many people can't play the game because of the lagg.. Where is the point to fix a bug when there is just few people who playing the game.... Where is the point to spend money and time in this game when you are not making it playable ... We are not trying to play the game with 15 yaears old computers and still we can't play the game after one patch .. . This mean that you guys have problem with this patch and will be good to fix it....The first 3-4 weeks are the most important for most players to reach good point of the game and their characters... After that the market system making the game impossible to reach good level of the build for a short time . .. Where is the point to play the game if only the streamers with really nice pc's can play the game first 2 weeks because of your patches... Gettiing rich .. getting max level ...full build and in the same time they are the only one who could spend so much time playing the game .... Are you making the game to be only for streamers and really big gamers or you doing the game for everybody so we could have equal start and chances having fun of the game ...
Fix performance instead of nerfing fun strats

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