3.22.0 Hotfix 7

Waiting patiently for that sweet vixens fix, so we can finally play Impending Doom on Pathfinder <3
Да х-й они ложили на всех у кого проблемы-игрокам тоже надо на них х-й большой положить-пусть сами в свой выс-р играют
Please fix the engine "upgrades" that are making the game unplayable for some. Its super inconsistent with who it affects, some people have top notch 4090 systems and some are on 1080s. Its terrible and at least some communication that its been received and being looked into on your end would be appreciated yo.
FIX [Removed by Support] MULTITHREADING !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last edited by Will_GGG on Aug 21, 2023, 8:09:00 AM
Same, fix the engine or rollback
im not logging in until u fix impending doom, whole league start ruined. sadge
please fix impending doom, i dont wanna play poison exsang anymore D:
Fyi for everyone, go to the home page. They aren't updating this thread with "what we are working on." It is on the home page. They ARE working on the impending doom / vixen / cascade problems outlined over and over in this thread.
Vixen + Spell Cascade BUMP visibility !
fix multihreading plis

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