3.22.0 Hotfix 7

ngamahu's flame advance forbidden jewels not working. nodes in radius of jewel grants no +3 str and dont convert other types of dmg
Thanks for reducing performance at least it resulted in less people playing the game (165k peak steam this league vs 211k peak steam crucible) and as a result it takes less time to load rogue harbor (because there are 22% less players in servers compared to crucible league).
pls fix avenging flame aka flamewood support
We need that performance finally fixed!

please ggg

coc whispering ice crashes almost instantly
Vixen's fix?
are you ever going to address the fact that you screwed over a large percentage of the player base by implementing your particle patch which makes this game basically unplayable on older systems?
MacOSX still metal crashing. Nothing change.
CPU and GPU Overheating.
Guys rly... fix the vixen + spell cascade for impending doom already i'm not changing starters just cause you've bricked my build I'm a maso maso and I will stay with it till the end.
Can we get an update on impending doom

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