3.22 Performance

After the shaders (seemingly) compiled i can at least get borderline playable framerates when theres action on the screen. Before the engine patch (last league) i had a 1080ti and stable locked fps at 80.

Now i have a 4080 and i get 30-40 fps when theres action on the screen. Earlier i did the infested valley map and just by entering it my fps dropped to 40.

There are so many texture and effect issues paired with performance issues, that i am wondering how this one ever made it live. And 4 weeks later its still not fixed. It feels like satire at this point.
The worst patch in gaming history, period. On top of it completely ignoring it since the patch went live. Not seeing ANY statement from GGG makes this actually infuriating. This shit is unbelievable.

Game is not playable for thousands of people, GGG. DO SOMETHING. Holy shit.
Game is absolutely unplayable. As soon as I cast anything with higher particles like Absolution, my entire PC freezes to the point I can't even restart it. I need to power it down.
I've also been having extremely poor performance in certains aspects.
Last league I did not have these problems.

- Loading into any town/player hub, it takes minutes not seconds.
-- Sometimes the client goes entirely unresponsive when I load into a town.

- Multi-Threading Enabled makes my CPU sporatic and perfomance worse.
-- It's not the first time multi-threading has broken and I've had to turn it off. However last league it was fixed for me and last league it improved my performance when enabled.

- Loading into new areas and my screen is entirely black, sometimes it takes minutes for it to display the game. All I can see is health bars above things.

- Random unresponsive client while idling on the map atlas.

I have tried turning everything to low, vulkan & Directx.
I've tried reinstalling and updating my drivers.
I've tried two different SSD & Ramdisk.

Windows 7 / i5-4670k / 1060 6gb / 32gb memory
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Same problems, after a month of waiting I was hoping they would finally fix it in this patch.. Still unplayable
The game is unplayable for me since yesterday. Yday it was OK, now the FPS is set to 24~, GPU usage 100% on Vulkan and Dx12. On Dx11 the culling blurs my whole screen I cant see anything. Any help?
After some testing I think the game stopped using Multithreading for me, this might be the problem.
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i get stuck in to loading screen every like 3-5 instance changes tried to reinstall everything mailed GG but they say this

Game was awfully bad for me as well, much worse than previous leagues.
I tried many settings, updating drivers, etc..

Disabling multithreading reverted it back to normal, I have no more perf issues !

I find it funny to think about how the last league ran fine, the only thing that lagged during that league for me was the spawning the crucible things. Everything in Trial of The Ancestors is laggy for me, shader is constantly maxed out, frame drops left right and center, game freezes randomly. My PC isn't strong but, fuck me, this league is just scuffed in terms of performance.
Same problem. Never had lag in poe now I have constant stuttering. Also don't have this problem with any other game. Replying to help bring attention to the issue

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