3.22 Performance

Yesterday it was fine. Now I have like 20 fps cap with constant stutters and lags. Changing between DX11, DX12 and Vulkan doesn't help.
have same problem my gpu has +15%~ temperature now
and when loading locations \ cities it's like +20-25% (86-92% gpu temperature)
Same problem game is so disgusting to play now with lag, it started before TOTA launch at the end of crucible league but now is much worse, my cpu is daying everytime i get into towns or rouge harbor
in maps if I kill cluttered pack the game just freezes
Load times for going to town is crazy long. Haven't ever had an issue with load times. Usually takes 1 second, now takes at least a minute or more. Very Frustrating when you're trying to sell stuff.
GGG please help with this
Yeah,I had to quit this league because of this problem.
It is so awful when I enter a map.

Name of this league speaks for itself so it's ok that not all ppl can do this Trial , just send it to ancestors ;-)
Game seemed fine on launch day even on my old pc, but on day 2 it got worse and today its just nearly unplayable for me. Any kind of action in a map causes me to drop to 10-30fps. It has to be some kind of server issue, seeing as people with good pc:s are complaining about the same aswell.
I wronte an email that many of you might agree with ... i really hope that this performance thingy is going to be adressed soon.

Hello GGG support,

i do have a huge problem with my account and game purchases actually. Its a longer story so please let me explain.

All technical issues and others are being solved on forums where should be few guys supporting right? Well it quite differs from regular support because there is almost nobody to help and if there is they are ignoring or maybe dont have a time to solve tickets of people.

i have a huge performance issue i never had before and i found out that i am far from being alone. After your ancestor patch the hell got loose with recent engine changes and people on various rigs are having huge problems. I was expecting that somebody is going to adress that. Well i am reading your live updates

and correct me if i am wrong but i dont see any line that GGG would even acknowledge that there is an issue. I am not exactly mad because fix is going to take a while, i am extremely mad because something that is crucial for the game and community is not even being acknowledged and adressed, not even in the so many threads on forums about this.


now lets explain why this is being adressed to general support. I ve pumped a lot of money to the game and therefore i am kinda a fraction of a reason why you can keep doing what you are doing. Many other people are pumping money into your company aswell. Its a win win, we keep you alive, you do what you like, we do what we like. But when it comes to performance near unplayable after the patch and your company is not even able to come forward with a solution or a plan for it. This relationship is going to suffer. I pumped money, but i cant enjoy playing anymore.

so kindly please -> escalate and adress the huge performance issue in your company.

thanks a lot for understanding,

sincerely yours since closed beta
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My GPU temprature has gone up loads in this current patch, normally sitting at 65 and right now its just under 80. No settings chnaged on my end...

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