Ancestor Challenge Rewards

Getting Bestiary vibes. Awesome!
Meh, another tiered armor...
Organic chemistry is a weird thing. If you add a spoon of shit to a barrel of jam you'll get a barrel of shit.
i miss when the rewards actually were reminiscent of the league (delirium wings,delve portal,ritual char effect) this reward is just bleak ... i get you want people to buy stuff in the shop but at this point the challange rewards are not worth the suffering xDD
That moment when t1 armor looks realy great.
Armor looks cool specially t1 and t2.

But t3 and t4 :/
oh boy resource allocation hit does tiers hard.

Maybe ggg can give those tiers some more love.
Otherwise is very much pointless to aim for those.

Anyway is great that t2 looks awesome,
means I can pop out even earlier if the league is boring.
Free stuff thanks
Arkanis_Gath wrote:
Cool set :)
Can we have the list of challenges ?

Edit : just saw a lot of ppl in next posts that complain about it : what's wrong with you dudes ? it's free stuff. If you don't like it, just go here :

It IS disappointing compared to previous league rewards, whales bigger than yours have already affirmed to it in this thread. If you’re satisfied by it, cool, but others complaining about it doesn’t necessarily mean they're attacking you or your preferences.
[Removed by support], theres almost no difference between tiers, we've already got a couple sets in the last challenge rewards, looks like they absolutely forgot about the challenge rewards this league smh..
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I am disappointed. I will get 40/40 for fun, but when there were 3-4 different rewards at least 1 suited me. I can barely see difference between tiers of this armor.

It ain't bad armor... just not for me.

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