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Tietke wrote:
neversink take my energy
Not bad...

Tatoo league here we go!

...If It Bleeds We Can Kill It...
Me -- My Marauder needs more tattoos

GGG -- Here you go
you have forgotten the name of new unique item !
When we get see the Challenge Rewards?? :-P

Surely there are a few things missing from here, right? :)
Many tattoos
Game have no "Active Skill Gem" class, game have "Active Skill Gems" class

Разработчик DaDEditor - удобная программа для редактирования лут-фильтров
Группа по PoE:

Видео, в котором Крис ОБЕЩАЛ не нерфить харвест:
GGG. any way to send in the console stuff early or postpone a league start a week later so you can have pc and console release on same day? I know you don't see us console players very important or real Poe players. By the time console release most know endgame mechanics. Some of us would like to be unaware of what's to come.

I know a lot of replies will be just play pc. well I have spent over 2-3k on console so until the cross play Im forced to stay. Also the controller speed has little delay on pcs.

On this note will PoE 2 be cross play?


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