Content Update 3.22.0 -- Path of Exile: Trial of the Ancestors

Huge nerf for many builds! :))))
does anyone even play ruthless
molluskman wrote:
does anyone even play ruthless

Compared to the base game? Basically noone.
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The Vengeant Cascade Anointed Notable Passive Skill no longer provides 15% increased Projectile Speed, "Attack Projectiles Return to you", or "Returning Projectiles Pierce all Targets." Instead, it now provides "Returning Projectiles have 150% increased Speed."

AYO, roll that back or compensate attack builds..
Last I checked Nimis still exists, could you just make attack ring with Vengeant Cascade instead of just nerfing it into the ground? Nobody is going to use or CARE about proj speed of returning projectiles..
I know there's support gem but it's 70% LESS returning damage, cmon now?
The Delve-exclusive Shield prefix modifiers that provide +3% to maximum Fire, Cold, or Lightning Resistance can no longer roll

I can only imagine this is cuz of chieftain new ramako
Can anyone explain the logic behind The Alberon's Warpath nerf???
"League Map Crafting Options also choose 3 random Notable Atlas Passive Skills associated with that League to treat as allocated", if choose 3 notable i have allocated, do they stack?

any clarification? thanks!
This account is only for feedback and suggestions.

Please GGG, divide patch notes into ruthless specific and non ruthless. a lot of friends complaining about changes in ruthless and they dont even play ruthless. ty

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