Path of Exile: Trial of the Ancestors Teasers

HcChArLie wrote:

Can work it with Shockwave / Cyclone?

Request: can we get more details on how the league mechanic functions in group play?
Ancestral Protector has strike tag. So can Boneshatter Support gem work? Can this be good in combination whit Facebreaker?
CallOfTheVoid wrote:
Request: can we get more details on how the league mechanic functions in group play?

nice keystone and gem
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is that our enemies are human beings like us. They can only be our enemies in relative terms."
Ice cream so good, gang gang gang gang.
I wanna pizza
Ancestral Protector Trauma totems incoming :p
I hope they add some more stuff for melee than just that, would love to see Molten Strike coming back !

At first I was like "meh, I don't like Deli anyway"...
But then I read a comment that made me think I'm actually the target niche for it. I usually don't even enter the mirrors, and if I do, I just stop Deli before the end and won't run orbs or Simu as it's just way too rippy for myself. I just stack orbs/simu in a tab to sell them later.. and often just forget about them.
I also almost never use cluster jewels because of that and the fact I play almost always SSF-like, don't trade much.

Interesting but the game will need WAY more to breathe some fresh air.
Harvest in a nutshell :
Ultimatum :
Expedition :
TheFrenchBoi wrote:
not having deli orb is a huge nerf and will never be worth it

Just because you don't know when it's worth using doesn't mean it's "never worth it"
Just don't get hit 4Head
TizeNO wrote:
Sielin wrote:
Lionzerer wrote:

That's just not true at all. deli bonus is all about quant + rarity. the deli orbs value is small in comparison.

don`t think so. that`s so small bonus. if you wanna rarity+ quan, you will run 5 orbs, not a deli mirror for this

Yea just tried Deli Mirror lvl16 Tropical Island with average early build. Cleared literally whole map with no problem of mirror dissipating. It's probably only good if you wanna run all maps and don't wanna worry about the ones with bad layouts. Or super early if your build is very very weak. Or if you just wanna slow pace and stop worrying about time pressure.

But anyway good adding, we all love customizations so more options is always good.

You use this for maps like Cemetary when mf'ing strongboxes
Just don't get hit 4Head

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