ExileCon 2023 Announcements

I was on your recently asked questions announcements that was posted recently.

My browser downloaded a file called presskit in a compressed format.

I don't think I clicked on anything, but it may have been an accident.

Anyways just thought that was weird that is seemed to download something without my permission.

I posted this here, because I can not reply to the recently asked questions announcement.
From purely technical point of view, the split into two games makes sense. It's much easier to implement completely new ideas and innovations from scratch than to try to retrofit them with existing "obsolete", limiting engine. Many new enhancements and improvements might have been even impossible if they decided to go that route, and many bugs would potentially be introduced to the game. I would expect GGG to phase out PoE1
at some point, possibly keeping it without updated content (only bug and security fixes) for some time, similar to D2.

This may not be idea from the adoption / community point of view; however, I think it's a practical decision in favor of the ability to further enhance PoE 2.
I know it's not true, but it could be.
korisch1985 wrote:
I am here just to say thank you. It was an amazing event and I hope you guys will visit europe one day. I've been a supporter and will keep supporting this amazing game!

They'll be in Germany:

The Gamescom event spans from the 23rd - 27th of August in Cologne, Germany. We'll be attending, and you'll be able to play Path of Exile 2 at our booth!
Support a free Hong Kong.

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Will guardian actually loose bonus for reserved life?

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