ExileCon 2023 Announcements

1 year of w8 till beta ... this is gonna take forever :))
LeftyLaw wrote:
Man, there are a lot of people who didn't listen at all; they mentioned several times that the gameplay was over-tuned and slowed down intentionally to show off the new mechanics, gold will not be replacing currency items or trading, it will NOT be like ruthless mode. Pay attention before throwing a fit like a child.

stop demanding art be the way you desire. If you don't like it make your own art, like they did, but if you realize that you don't have the capability to make a game like they did then maybe check yourself. QQ

THANK YOU. 45% of the comments come from brain dead “fans” who have the attention span of a YouTube short. I literally just watched all of day 2 and am half way through day 1 (idk why I started backwards) almost all of these concerns these people have must come from the fact they can’t remember stuff longer than 15 mins ago. Gold will be used in the sense of early gear progressing and where if you are stuck somewhere your not just HOPING for a few chaos to drop to just flip for an item or 2 on the market. The simple fact people were expecting end game footage kinda baffles me and the fact that the demo has been, like you said slowed down for demonstration purposes…. I haven’t lost in GGG but certainly lost some faith for a portion of the player base based on their ass backwards comments
My initial impressions heaving watched the livestream:

1. POE2 will be a different game, targeting a broader audience - less toxic and less autistic. Thank you for that!

2. Ironically, given its timing, this ExileCon will likely help D4 more than it will do POE.

3. Chris may have started laying groundwork for his departure from GGG.
The "ExileCon" only worked to increase sales of Diablo 4
Currently disappointed about poe2 being a completely separate game now. The original idea that it would be PoE 4.0 was so exciting and brilliant, but now there will be a divided community and placing poe1 future in question.
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so impressed by the exilecon content, thanks for sharing it for everyone.
So my friends tried to pull me into PoE since 2015 I have refused because it was so slow as hell in the first act, but in ultimatum they told me to finish acts, then it started i loved the speed of end game, something I didnt find in any different arpg, why are you removing quicksilver flasks and speed skills? Thats the best part, also gold is something useless :((
XerxesM wrote:
I don't understand people who compare POE2 to Ruthless. I don't know if they are Blizzard ......

Umm, did you not understand what you were even saying?

poe2 is exactly like diablo4, its like an addon. They both have the same rolley polley but poe added jumpster, that skill that jumps and does sunder.

Anyway, i don't think the 7 million diablo 4 players really care, they're to busy mounting and killing, killing and looting and just having fun with their friends.
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I really like their decision to continue to support PoE 1 after PoE 2 is released. I've been playing for years and wouldn't want this game to go away.

I hope that they've thought this through though. Most people will move to PoE 2 especially in the beginning. They will be supporting a game with far fewer users than today. I hope a couple of years down the line they don't just give up and announce the end of PoE 1.

The best thing they can do is give both games a character of their own. It's obvious PoE 2 will be slower and closer to "the vision" (TM) so just leave PoE 1 as it was a few expansions back. With faster multi-monster killing gameplay. Trying to slowly change PoE 1 into what PoE 2 will be is pointless. They should be different games.
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