3.21.2b Patch Notes

why can't you people just be normal

(looking around)

But... they are.

Game is still heavily single threaded but it is better than before. GPU usage is still low and on 8 core CPU it only uses one core fully and half of another one. For example in blight maps my FPS drops to 20-30 at final stage but GPU usage is around 20% and CPU 20% too.

But it is still a lot better than before just make the game able to use more CPU cores and GPU.
nukage wrote:
Anyone else think its ridiculously rude of GGG to break the game for so many players and just ignore them?

It really is a bad look not gonna lie. (first half of the comment)
Earlier I messaged one of the support members and got a reply back from them they have passed down the info to a relevant team member.

Fixing something like this, especially with Exilecon happening this weekend is gonna take some time, since it seems they are going to go with this engine and try to make it better over time, since they did not roll back the updates to the engine so far (they might still do that if it gets out of hand, but the chance of that happening is low, I think).
What is the value of my own life when it is taken from others so easily?
Game keeps caching shaders, even afeter multiple hours (15+) of playing the same 3 maps over and over. Every few steps it stutters due to shaders. Other than that it's playable, but the overall feeling is not good, stutters kill the experience.
Next day, next shit patch.this time the game won't even start. crash on start.
Great Job GGG.

MacPro 5.1 - Steam
i can no longer do metamorphs in tane's lab.
GrubNoOne wrote:
My 3090 feels like it falls into the category of lower end hardware...

I´m running a 3060 TI and have 0 issues..
still very long loadings to town/ho/map

before of this series of patch at the end of the league it was ok'ish

Not for nothing but the majority of players complaining in this thread have done ZERO research into what their issue actually is.

This is easily proven by people calling the problem "lag".

It is not lag, it is the shaders recompiling. Anyone who says "lag" is ignorant and did not listen to the people telling them in game what is happening.

Continue complaining, we are just going to ignore you.

Now if you still have issues, on an OLDER PC, again, your fault, not theirs, go place a ticket and see what GGG has to say.

Or, If you did a little research you would find out how to clear your clients shader cache and this should fix your issue.

Majority of players, id even say 98+% have no issues because they allowed the shaders to compile when getting in game.

Most of the complainers havent allowed that to finish or havent taken steps to fix their issue. They would rather jump in here and just cry. yes, I said cry.

Take a little responsibility for yourself and fix your issue, or post to technical support who will tell you to do what I just told you to do above.

This really is not that difficult...

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