3.21.2b Patch Notes

i7-12700 + RTX 3070Ti many lags and overall worse performance on new poe engine.
Nice, support for Steam Deck.

I am not going to cry, I see a lot of people complaining since the last patch due to graphical and performance issues.

I run this game using Vulkan with Linux and there is zero problem so far with the patch.

still no fixes for drive access, or hardware, OR ANYTHING USEFUL!!
I am running 1070 GPU and AMD 3600 cpu with 16 gig ram and running alright for me atm? running 6o fps+ on 1440 monitor
POE is addictive!!!
The problem isn't a client crush, cobra lash or visual effects. For 80% of players main problem is the average FPS get lowered twice or even more.
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Horrible and complete ignorance to those of us that are basically completely unable to play and were lied to that you can just pick these settings and they would basically not change anything from before.. the game is unplayable and having a computer that can play d4 which had huge leaks and was still playable is fishy..
I am playing on lowest resolution and am still unplayable when loading or running into large packs with these new settings turned off and set to what the options say are not using the new updated graphic overhaul... I am completely and utterly confused at what you guys did to the game but doing this update and ignoring the masses of people who are having issues seems like your just brushing us all under a rug and not caring that you ruined the game for people who have been playing the game for a long time
end the league already, come on
AintCare wrote:

Yours perhaps. A lot of people can't play a 12 year old game anymore because GGG went and not only introduced a new graphics engine (which is obviously going to have bugs) but UPPED THE GAME REQUIREMENTS in the process. Not a smart move to alienate any percentage of your player base after 12 years. People expect things to stay the same, especially with POE2 coming.
I really can't wait to see the 10 people who's pc are going to be able to run POE 2
Why am I still here

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