3.21.2b Patch Notes

ToHighToDle wrote:
I am playing on lowest resolution and am still unplayable when loading or running into large packs with these new settings turned off

sounds like you're getting new shaders
AintCare wrote:

LOL ya because you can still play the game everyone else who can't is "needlessly negative feedback" dude wake up I have a 2 year old ginger laptop and the update junked the game for me and many others who have been playing perfectly fine all season and for many years prior to this update.. if that is what you call needlessly negative then you need to just think it and not post it cuz your completely wrong. They fixed a graphical error on cobra lash but not the update that just made the game unplayable to people who have been playing just fine
Potential workaround:

FWIW after getting freezing in the recent patch I found changing the rendering API from DirectX to "Vulkan" and the VSync to "Adaptive" improved the freezes in general and especially on loading into a zone. Also might just be placebo but the graphics look sharper now too.

i7-8700 CPU, GTX1080Ti 11gb GPU, I now get a pretty steady 50-60fps playing on 4k (3840x2160) with everything maxed.
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lemme know when the periodic lag spikes are gone so I can log in.
Yep... still waiting...

This changed nothing for me. Longer loading screens along with the same old jumpy/jittery moments occur. Been trying some troubleshooting ideas in the tech support forum, but nothing there seems to help either. Another day or two or hotfix or three and I'll be seeking refunds on some recent purchases. I was purchasing things like stash tabs to actually use now and keep playing this league. I'm not one to throw away money usually and I don't intend to start now
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Wellll...tried it after the new 'patch' and low and behold ....STILL lagging like hell!.

I actually think its worse now...i tried a lower tier map and came really close to getting killed due to the lag.

This is ridiculous. GGG ....do you really want to lose a good part of a player / customer base? Because this is how you do it.

Shiin_Zu wrote:
TheFatal693 wrote:
Cant we choose from old or new engine? The new engine sucks for lower end hardware.

That means that playing POE 2 will be a problem on lower hardware unless the games is better optimized by the time of release.

Complaints come from both users with high end setups and low budget setup. Some had issues, others had improved performance.
Not pc related, is patch itself and poorly optimized.

But yeah, maybe by the time poe 2 could hammer performance on optimizations no doubt.

+1 to choose from old or new engine, dunno why isn't a thing tho
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Before 3.21.2: ultrawide 34 inch 3440x1440 on max settings running stable 144 fps

After: on lowest settings 1920x1080 resolution with triple buffering i get fps drops to 40

This is just lovely
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sevens67 wrote:
lemme know when the periodic lag spikes are gone so I can log in.

When they release the mobile version. KEK

But by that time i think the minimum specs on mobile will be:

I69 69696969L version / Nvidia geforce RTX 6969 Super ultra / 69GB of RAm / 69TB SSD NVme M69
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Nephric wrote:
[Removed by Support]

also this, way I see it is this is a way for them to test out their POE 2 rendering tech on a large scale and get early feedback to make sure it's properly optimized. People need to give feedback and just relax I'm sure they will fix it over time. If you can't play PoE right now try playing something else in the meantime or go touch grass
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