3.21.2 Hotfix

Next day and game still unplayable. Game crash if use attack skill, random crash in hideout.
Multithreading not working on macOS steam. Before patch game work fine.

MacPro 5.1 - Steam
Xeon 6x3.33 GTX680
Splendid job, GGG. Now you can give programmers the raise.

my loading time to town(hideout/map) now x3-x4 longer after patch, hotfix didn't help

what to do?
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After Incursions and Rituals there are still parts flickering around. They are nasty till painful to my eyes. Very unpleasant!
Unplayable since the patch. The worst state of the game since I started on open Beta years ago.

Before the patch, I was running t16 delirium/harbinger/ritual maps just fine.

Now performance is non-existent. fps drops to 0 constantly with the lowest settings and all sorts of visual artifacts poping up. The game freezes up, I keep dying even having an unkillable character.

My PC is quite old but never had issues like that.

Also, loading times are way longer, and map visuals barely load at all.
Talamoana warrior
legit i hope to get back the shity graphs i used from my potatoe pc so i can enjoy the game once more ..
I deleted the game entirely, reinstalled, and installed the latest AMD drivers. No bs onto the OS, it's a clean Win10 LTSC.
Recent hardware : i5 13400 - 6650XT - 32GB - SSD NVMe

Looks like a bit better with this hotfix, at least it is somewhat playable, but dang my hardware is melting. First time I hear the fans running in POE.

Everything ran just perfectly fine before the patch.

I guess this is an engine beta testing before poe2 beta, GGG that's rude for your players, I'm still chasing challenges :/
And still crashes during Crucible fights!
still waiting for any fix... has been 3 days... have u collect in off data of the system yet?. lets make a clear point here.... not all the ppl has top tier pc's with the best of the best... so yeah, i hope they see all of the ppl whos having issues with the game and realized they need to roll back to where it was.
same here, not able to play the game after the new patch is in (3 days now).
GGG, please fix the game now.
I still need to level my char before the league ends.

please do consider to extend the league, for this issue.


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